Meet Trina Morrow


Meet Trina

Trina Morrow

My yoga journey began quite accidentally as I started looking for a way to balance and counteract the stresses from my High Tech job in 2011. I knew immediately that yoga was already in my body; in my soul; and in my mind. I am thrilled to be RYT200 certified through the Yoga Alliance so I can share my knowledge and passion for yoga with others and help them find the yoga inside of them.I also dance hula, which provides a mediative connection to the mind, body and the land as stories are told through the movement of the body, hands and mana (energy). I was also an avid volleyball player. Both of these are complimented quite nicely with the yoga practice.

My vinyasa classes concentrate on breath work to help you through challenging asanas with a strong focus on proper alignment and muscle activation to help you find the perfect balance between ease and effort. In my yin yoga training, I’ve studied poses and modifications for many different body types and abilities. I bring this knowledge to my yin yoga classes to help you find your own edge for long passive holds that target the connective tissue inviting you to surrender into the pose to receive the most benefits. I believe yoga is for anyone and everyone. It offers you a way to connect to yourself – whatever you need on that particular day, whether it is your mind, body or soul.