Meet Mia Armas


Meet Mia

Mia Armas

After taking my very first class more than 8 years ago, I recall leaving the room, long before savasana, ready to pass out. With encouragement from my sister, I stuck it out, really giving yoga a true chance. Three classes later, I was hooked. Yoga became my hour long safe haven, to escape the demands of my hectic corporate and family life. Flowing from asana to asana, almost like an effortless dancer. When faced with the need to leave that corporate life behind, I decided that yoga would give me the freedom to be available to my family, while sharing my passion and making a difference in people lives, and happily jumped into teacher training. Influenced by various teachers throughout the years, peers, students, culture and travels, I strive to empower each class with the mental and physical strength yoga offers. My classes focus on cultivating breath and connecting it with movement to create change in each individual. More often than not, you can expect a playlist laced with amazing beats, helping propel your pranayama. The goal is to be gentle, yet firm, so all yogis may evolve in their personal practice.