Meet Antonella Dalla Muta


Meet Antonella

Antonella Dalla Muta

I started yoga when I was pregnant as a way to stay active, improve my fitness and remain calm and peaceful. And it worked! It helped turn my pregnancy into an easy and wonderful experience. I’ve been practicing yoga ever since with passion and love for the body. Yoga has enabled me to connect with my physical self and channel my inner strength. It also helps me conquer the everyday anxieties we all have. When I’m in a yoga class, I forget my troubles, fears, and worries, and enter a world of comfort, harmony and balance. It’s a place where I remember to be myself, listen to myself and heal myself. For me it’s all about the journey. Everyone wants to get to the top of the mountain, but the happiness comes while you’re climbing it.

Certified teacher 200 hours and 40 hours yin from The Yoga Company and took and taught various classes in Italy. I’ve been teaching Yoga since 2011 with almost 500 hours of teaching experience.